Showrooms Summer 2016

Brands present their main focus for the next season

Summer 2016

Next Salão +B edition brings innovations of 40 brands

First store

The brand Blue Bird, specialized in loafers, opens their new space in May 5th

Oi! Brasil 2015 – Fall in Love with São Paulo

 Directed by japanese store Sogo and Seibu, the event will present the fashion and lifestyle of women who live in São Paulo

Accessories Summer 2016

Check out the best accessories paraded during the last SPFW season

ABEST Interview: Amalia Spinardi

JO DE MER celebrates 10 years of market with its resort chic pieces present in several stores worldwide


Like mother, like daughter

Cia Marítima launches special collection for Mother’s Day


Fashion shows

Amú - Winter 2015

BOTTI - Winter 2015

Salinas - Winter 2015

Virzi + De Luca
Virzi + De Luca - Winter 2015

FREG - Summer 2016

Anterior Próximo


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