Peruvian style

Blue Bird Shoes presents mini collection of loafers with peruvian fabrics

Trunk Show

Isolda will present a summer trunk show at the Hamptons, in the US

ABEST Interview: Graciela Dayan, from the brand For The Win

The brand bets on sophisticated and functional pieces to innovate the concept of fashion fitness

Commercial Intelligence Tool

MDIC and Apex-Brasil launch virtual map with information on 32 markets

Miami fairs

ABEST and ABIT lead fashion brands to Miami Beach fairs

Space Off

Address in São Paulo offers Lenny Niemeyer collections with discount

Fashion shows

Lilly Sarti
Lilly Sarti - Summer 2016

Mixed - Summer 2016

Cecília Prado
Cecilia Prado - Summer 2016

Cris Barros
Cris Barros - Summer 2016

Kika Simonsen
Kika Simonsen - Summer 2016

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