Famous dresses

Britney Spears and Ivete Sangalo wear Davidson Zanine's dresses

Peruvian style

Blue Bird Shoes presents mini collection of loafers with peruvian fabrics

Trunk Show

Isolda will present a summer trunk show at the Hamptons, in the US

ABEST Interview: Graciela Dayan, from the brand For The Win

The brand bets on sophisticated and functional pieces to innovate the concept of fashion fitness

Commercial Intelligence Tool

MDIC and Apex-Brasil launch virtual map with information on 32 markets

Miami fairs

ABEST and ABIT lead fashion brands to Miami Beach fairs

Fashion shows

Missinclof - Summer 2016

Salinas - Summer 2016

Lilly Sarti
Lilly Sarti - Summer 2016

Mixed - Summer 2016

Cecília Prado
Cecilia Prado - Summer 2016

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