Our mission is to be a global spokesperson for Brazilian Fashion Design, using its creative diversity as an element of integration, value creation and translation of the cultural transformation of society.

ABEST (Brazilian Association of Fashion Designers), which celebrated its ten year anniversary in 2013 with significant and increasing actions for Brazilian fashion, ended 2014 with positive results: nearly BRL 5.5 was invested in various initiatives, generating around BRL 34.5 million, with membership in the association also growing by 25% (there are currently 109 brands that are found in various regions of Brazil). The Association's exports ended the year at USD 11.35 million, with beachwear at USD 5.6 million, up 17.5% in relation to 2013.

In addition, the Association fosters product exports to 53 countries, adding 13 more this year, including the Dutch Antilles, Bolivia, the Philippines, Paraguay, Thailand and Tanzania. 

In 2014, the fourth and fifth editions of Salao +B were held, in May and November respectively, organized by ABEST in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). Together the editions gathered around 80 national brands at MuBE (Brazilian Sculpture Museum), in Sao Paulo. 

Bringing labels from across the country together with national and international buyers, fostering business for Brazilian fashion, Salao +B has already established its position as a reference in business and creative content in Brazil. 

During the ABEST Creative Content Conference, held during the 5th edition of Salao +B, ABEST launched the Fashion Label Brasil seal in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), aimed at positioning Brazilian fashion design internationally, showing the image of an innovative and contemporary Brazil that is elegant and surprising and does not conform to stereotypes, in an effort to value the rich work of Brazilian designers.

Also worth mentioning among the initiatives promoted by the Association is the ABEST Entrepreneur Education Academy, aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and the Brazilian fashion market, which continued going strong during 2014. Through entrepreneurial actions, designers and other interested parties are able to access professional industry training and attend lecture cycles. 

 "ABEST began with the mission of promoting original Brazilian fashion and design in innovative and creative initiatives for different markets, especially the foreign market. It is worth mentioning that in 2014 the USA was still Brazil's biggest importer. We intend to continue blazing the trail for development and recognition of the Brazilian DNA in the world. Our work is a reflection of achievements made through activities that have helped to open up fronts of action and expand publicity for the range of Brazilian fashion products around the world," says Roberto Davidowicz, the Association's President. 

For ABEST, beachwear is a very important segment in original fashion and significant evidence of the success and consolidation of Brazilian beachwear abroad was the creation of +Beach Brasil in 2012. Through this group of brands, the organization promotes the potential of Brazilian bikinis and swimsuits in a segmented manner on the international scene. In a little over one year, +Beach Brasil, comprised of 31 labels, has already taken part in various initiatives abroad through the Association, including fashion shows, showrooms and events in the United States, Europe and Asia. 

"Brazilian fashion is still, little by little, making its path in major world centers, like Paris, which is a hub for building image and selling to markets such as the Middle East, Russia, Africa, Asia and others. We also want to gain new and promising markets such as China, where our fashion is regarded as new, different and interesting. We will continue our intense participation in the fashion world's most important events and trade shows, giving visibility to Brazilian designers," says Valdemar Iódice, Vice President of ABEST. 

ABEST has worked on important fronts with markets strategic to Brazilian fashion. In London, it took part in an initiative in partnership with the British Fashion Council: the International Fashion Showcase, which launches emerging talent through an annual contest. In 2014, in Japan, it had buyer groups from the Isetan and Sogo and Seibu stores, and for next year it will develop new activities to strengthen the presence of Brazilian brands in the country. While in China, the Association has been investing in this growing market for 3 years, and in 2015 it will further focus on opportunities for this market niche and invest in business-focused initiatives in combination with networking events.

"ABEST is betting on original Brazilian fashion, with a modern, unique and inventive DNA, and this is the message that we are taking to strategic markets, helping to grow business and exports for new brands as well as for designers that are already consolidated," says Paulo Lourenço Bartholomei, the Association's Executive Vice President.

On the Advisory Board are Roberto Davidowicz, President; Valdemar Iodice, Vice President; Lourenço Bartholomei (of the Cecília Prado brand), Executive Vice President; Gélio Costa Medeiros (of the Martha Medeiros brand).



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Fashion Label Brasil is the Internationalization Program of Brazilian Fashion of Added Value, of the Brazilian Association of Stylists, created over 10 years ago in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments). Our proposal is to position Brazilian fashion abroad, valuing the image of an innovative and contemporary Brazil.

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