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Conceived by Marcela Basto Lima during an Italian season, the brand Marcela B. has an increasing number of loyal customers due to the unique identity of their shoes, 100% handmade. After a story in the Rua Dias Ferreira atelier, where the first drawings still come out, the display windows for the models are the Rio Design Leblon store and the shelves of Casa 190, a space just opened in the neighborhood of Pinheiros, a kind of “carioca” embassy in the lands of São Paulo. The proposal of the brand is to offer feminine, elegant and seductive products, regardless of the height of the heels, always prioritizing the mixture of luxury with simple, Brazilian and international style.

Another feature of the mix is the combination of different materials in one single item, such as platforms in leather and straw or even a sandal with elastic and tilapia skin. It was like this from the beginning, when the pairs were still produced on Italian lands, and they continue in this way with innovations in every season. The same goes for the celebrated partnerships, with creations made by many hands and a list that goes through Isabela Capeto, Virzi + De Luca, Vanda Jacintho, Tatiana Loureiro, Patricia Geyer, Julia Monteiro de Carvalho and Julia Gastin.


With a degree in Business Administration from Puc-Rio and specialization in Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, the designer who has been part of the style teams of Osklen, Rosamosario and Paula Cademartori is more influenced by an aesthetic sensibility than by any trend. She follows the process with the craftspeople, and only approves what is perfect and comfortable in her own feet. She also often brings references from the sea, passion responsible for direct associations like a sand heel or a shell espadrille, as well as for much of the lightness and freshness increasingly present in her collections.


Marcela B (+55 21) 2529-2632

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