From the union of two generations, Zilah and Stephanie Garcia, mother and daughter, Olympiah is born. A newly created label that has fascinated elegant women since the beginning. A few months after its launch, Olympiah already could count on with great achievements, presented beyond São Paulo and sold by more than ten spots within the whole country. Today, fresh as it is, it can be found in states as Minas Gerais, Goiás, Paraná, Amazonas, Bahia e Santa Catarina and we will soon be part of a multiband located in London – a big step for a three-year-old fashion company.

The success basis has been studied for the past three years, since the Autumn/Winter 2014 launch, a Cappadocia inspired collection, with successful piece of clothing that started gaining our public´s attention. “Our dream is to dress elegant women looking for distinct fashion”, mentions Zilah Garcia, always accompanied by daughter, Stephanie, that complements: “I believe I found my way and that makes every contract successful”.

The mother-daughter partnership has also been proven effective to cause exchanges of knowledge that results in a unique brand and that although their audience is focused on 25 to 35 year-old woman, they won by its timelessness, then in its debut, consumers of all ages. With the trademark, baroque but modernized and geometric cuts, which plays with fluid and asymmetrical silhouettes, results in sexy and sophisticated clothes. Stephanie signs the creative direction while Zilah takes care of the direction, together with the details of production and modeling - masterfully raising a four-hand process full of stories to tell.


Olympiah (+55 11) 3062-4563 www.olympiah.com.br


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