Ciao Mao

The brand makes reference to the globalized world. The western culture (Ciao) greets the eastern culture (Mao). It is a farewell to the standardization, celebrating the diversity: symbol of the Brazilian culture. The 5 pointed star is the human dimension for whom Ciao Mao thinks its products. The star represents mind, hands and feet, all necessary for the design, implementation and use of footwear.

Ciao Mao is the result of the simultaneous search of following goals:
— Unite design and comfort;
— Meet the plurality of the globalized market, with different measurement standards and tastes;
— Provide, with environmental awareness, the demand for constant renewal of models and accessories;
— ink design and employment of rich Brazilian handcraft in industrial scale;
— Sustainable use of materials and labor, with respect to environmental standards.
We value the health and comfort of our customers when developing our lasts and selecting the material used on each model. We work with natural leather, cotton fabrics, fitted insole, leather and/or rubber soles and low heels.

Each and every one of our consumer is unique. The customer interacts when choosing accessories of various shapes, materials and colors, becoming the co-author of his own shoes. It is in that person with attitude that Ciao Mao is inspired to create footwear that satisfy body and soul. From each model the consumer can create an exclusive pair of shoes, customizing it, or creating many other ‘looks’ that can be used in various occasions. Ciao Mao shoes are designed by a design integrated mentality, from creation to post-sale. We value design as a conductor-line, detached from fads, but attentive to social trends. Just like art, good design never goes out of fashion.

The "interactive footwear" proposed by the designer and creator of the brand, Priscila Callegari, has conquered national and international recognition: IDEA/BRAZIL 2008 (gold), IDEA 2008 (bronze), TOP XXI 2009 (1st place) and BRAZIL DESIGN AWARD. We also participated in the exhibition "Design Brasileiro Hoje: Fronteiras" (Brazilian Design Today: Borders) in the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo.


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