Flavia Aranha

Poetry, lightness and modernity summarize Flavia Aranha’s work. Born in Campinas, she came to São Paulo to attend college Santa Marcelina and adopted the city as her first home.

Timeless modeling, pure cotton fabrics and dyeing with natural dyes [such as leaves, tree bark and tea] are present in all the collections, complemented by a line of tilapia leather accessories and blown glass - transparent drops that make earrings or pendants in long, subtle silver chains.

Develops her collections with the same subtlety with which exchanges experiences with the communities she visits, to compose her references, inspirations and partnerships. These communities that produce different types of raw material that Flavia uses in her pieces, she wants to rescue a craftsmanship that was lost in time and in people's lives through reinvention, seeking a new assessment of the Brazilianness.

Against other young artists concerned with trends, Flavia stands out for providing customers with products that fall within their lifestyle. Aesthetic options of the stylist, such as natural dyes, go through all the production process, the development of the pieces (clothing, jewelry and design) and continue to mount her shop in São Paulo, where each object is thought the experience that will be provided to the public.

The Brazilian was the only one to represent Brazil in Germany, exposing and parading her pieces in Thekey, sustainable fashion fair held in Berlin in July of 2010, parallel to the Berlin Fashion Week. The designer was in other editions of the fair and now exports to some European countries and Japan.



Flavia Aranha (+55 11) 3031-1703 http://www.flaviaaranha.com

flaviaaranha.loja @flaviaaranhaloja

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