VERT, sustainable sneaker brand that arrived in Brazil in September of 2013, was already famous in Europe with the name VEJA to be present for 10 years on the European market, with over one million pairs sold worldwide. The idea to create the brand came from its founders, the French François-Ghislain Morillion and Sébastien Kopp, who left their jobs in the administrative area and left for a trip that lasted a year, trying to learn how sustainability projects could impact the world.

After a long trip to Brazil in 2005, the friends decided to create VERT ("green" in French) in order to create clean and urban design shoes, always seeking a positive impact on both social and environmental worlds. Today, with an annual output of 110 thousand pairs and present in 15 countries, the brand has a multicultural team spread between Paris, London, Berlin, Milan, Rio Branco, Fortaleza, Novo Hamburgo, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In addition to national stores in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas and Recife, among others, who sells the brand in Brazil.

VERT shoes has manufacturing and raw materials 100% Brazilian since the beginning of the brand. According to the partners, Brazil offers a base for manufacturing of shoes because of the social and ecological side, and therefore, all the raw material is grown in the country. Since 2005 the brand has used about 120 tons of organic cotton, 65 tons of wild rubber from the Amazon, 160 people find a job opportunity through cooperatives and over 30 direct employees around the world.

VERT bets on fair trade as an essential tool of the green economy. Therefore, each pair of shoes sold generates an average of R $ 1.1 paid to cotton producers in the Northeastern semiarid of Brazil and R $ 0.70 to the tappers of Acre. "We do not believe in a romantic view of ecology. Our path is the economic appreciation. In VERT, it goes through a social work: the rubber and cotton farmers receive a differentiated value to preserve forests and lands, "explains François-Ghislain Morillion, co-founder of VERT.

The sneakers production contrary to the current trend of import products manufactured in Asia, is made in a factory in the Sinos Valley, in southern Brazil, where legislation ensures and monitors the rights of workers. The brand also comes with daily production in factories and ateliers that work with them and annually conducts social audits.


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