Fernando Jorge

Brazilian born jewellery designer Fernando Jorge takes inspiration from the laidback attitude and effortless sensuality of his home country. 

Initially studying in São Paulo, Fernando worked for almost then years in key design roles for various Brazilian jewellery labels before moving to London for an MA in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins. His first eponymous collection, launched in 2010, was received with critical acclaim and the designer subsequently established his brand in the UK.

Fernando’s pieces are imbued with sensuality, energy and movement - his aesthetic is inherently Brazilian. He often uses locally sourced gemstones and minerals – often overlooked in his home country due to their abundance – giving them his signature finish, including unique cuts and the use of delicate gold snake chain. The result has a distinctly sculptural feel that is both elegant and modern.

Having gained an international media following, the designer is widely considered to be amongst the brightest emerging talents in the jewellery and fashion worlds alike. His collections are stocked by the most prestigious stores in London, Paris, Beirut, New York, Los Angeles and Dallas, and more globally by online retailers.


Fernando Jorge has succeeded in creating a truly distinctive signature: this is the reason today, retailers and collectors around the world recognize his design prowess and impeccable craftstmanship.

Beyond the aesthetics of his collections, his approach to fine jewellery as a discipline is inherently Brazilian. He works closely with small workshops and craftsmen in central São Paulo, defying the norms with his unusually cut stones and unexpected constructions. The finished result is refined yet sculptural, all underpinned by an innate sense of the experimental.

Combining highly specialized craftsmanship with the latest technology in jewellery manufacturing, all the pieces are “Made in Brazil". Dividing his time between London and São Paulo, Fernando finds a cultural symbiosis that informs his designs in a truly unique way.


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