J.Chermann, the brand specialized in premium t-shirts of Julie Chermann, made fashion girls fall in love with their authentic creations and exclusive prints. The designer has a degree in architecture, took courses at Parsons and FIT and integrated Daslu style team. In 2009 opened the doors of its first store in a very charming building, a cozy space that became famous by the events that do throughout the year, always bringing together their customers in a happy hour moment.

Julie has already made partnerships with big names like Raphael Falci, the glasses brands Vogue Eyewear and Lema21 and also C&A. In this last one and most recent, she developed a special collection with 21 exclusive t-shirts which were sold in 65 stores of the fast fashion network. 

The label has been growing since its inception and today can be found in more than 80 multi-brand throughout Brazil. Due to the success, she moved to a much larger space at the same address, adding a large dressing room. In this studio, the customers can have closer contact with the mood boards of the collections, and the cooler, a private terrace for its events.

The collections always offer a wide variety of t-shirt styles, its flagship, always based on a chosen theme and always developing new prints with motifs such as phrases, photos and super funky designs made by its own hand designer, Julie.

Julie has a cool style and knows how to compose a hi-lo mix. The differentiation of her t-shirts are through variations of cotton fabrics, knitting and a investment in special details like handmade embroidery, laser cutting and applications. It is proven that the clothes are very versatile and can be part of a look everyday, harmonizing it with looks ranging from work and tours evening to a special event at night.




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