Ostra Brasil

Founded by designer Lidianne Andrade, Ostra Brasil came out in December 2009 with creations aimed at an active, modern, fashion-, design- and art-lover public, who seeks boldness without losing class and timeless sense.

The DNA of the brand translates a creative, confident style marked by uncomplicated traits that reveal a unique identity and an easily identified originative fashion.

Attentive to a demanding, practical and authentic public, we strive for quality in finish, rigor in modeling, comfort when wearing and durability of the items.

Our productions, such as bikinis, swimsuits, swim briefs, beach clothing and light garments, harmonize with the tropical climate of Brazil and perfectly allow their circulation from the sands to the streets.

In addition to the beachwear line, we recently launched the "Ostra Casa" line that adds decorative products to our brand. This new segment brings a selection of items that, unlike the beachwear line, are not self-made, but perfectly match our identity.


Located in a noble area of Anápolis-GO, our flagship has approximately 200 m². We have a well-structured own e-commerce and we market Ostra Brasil products in dozens of multi-brand stores spread throughout Brazil, besides being present in renowned Brazilian fashion e-commerces.


Ostra Brasil (+55 62) 3098-2667 www.ostrabrasil.com.br

OstraBrasil @ostrabrasil

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