Adriana Pedroso, designer of the luxury women's shoes brand Masqué, officially launches the brand in May 2010, aiming to offer shoes that match comfort, quality, art and above all the fancy. With timeless character and craft manufacturing, Masqué treats every shoe as unique,since all models are handmade, with exclusivity and sophistication. The 100% Brazilian brand has on its target audience independent and multifaceted women who work, take care of their homes, children,husband, and even place time to hang out with their friends. Therefore, comfort is the greatest ally of the brand.

Adriana, the founder of the brand, graduated in Industrial Design at Centro Universitário Belas Artes, however her passion for the fashion universe was influenced by her mother, a personal stylist. After college, the designer moved to London, where she discovered the world of footwear. But it was in Barcelona where she got specialized, beginning a long journey through the world of feet fashion, which resulted in the successful Masqué. During her travels abroad, Adriana takes the opportunity to enhance her creations, always in search of new trends, sophisticated materials and innovative techniques to generate exclusive models that shape the identity of the brand Masqué.



Rua Joaquim Floriano, 111 - Sala 5 - São Paulo, SP

Rua Peixoto Gomide, 1789 - São Paulo, SP.

(11) 4063-0218

masque.sapatos @masque_

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