Catarina Mina

Design and craftsmanship can establish a good dialogue with each other. A sincere conversation in which each one embraces and collaborates with its knowledge, its history, its worlds. It was from this feeling and from this desire that Catarina Mina was born.

In 2005, we started working with some artisans from Ceará (one of the 27 states of Brazil, located in the northeastern part of the country, on the Atlantic coast). We exchanged experiences and together we rose the value of artisan labor, making it attractive economically and blooming it so that these and the new generations feel proud of the work.

Fostering the culture of craftsmanship Catherine Mina chose, in 2015, to embrace- body and soul- a singular path. Their idea is: less financial effort invested in brand exposure and more dedication to who really does Catarina Mina. This is achieved by choosing the raw material, the wage paid to seamstresses and artisans, and also by respecting their particular way of production. Crocheters have a monthly income stability, but work in their own homes, in their own time and pace. The artisans trace Catarina Mina's way of being and effectively share the company's earnings. And this is not a way to make an empty speech. It is, simply, respect for the raison d'être of the brand.




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