Vanessa Montoro

Vanessa Montoro reviewed knitting and crochet millennial techniques and makes female clothes with special silk yarns spun at spinning wheel and hand dyed with natural pigments, creating pieces with an art concept: original, timeless and limited edition.

To carry out works using these two techniques, it is necessary to be creative, talented and professional, features which Brazilian Vanessa Montoro has plenty. This can be seen in the products she develops for Vanessa Montoro brand. 

The main goal is to fabricate handmade pieces from beginning to end. The creations convey a natural character and reflect taste, to meet a refined and stylish public who value originality. 

Spun in spinning wheels, the yarns used value the essence of noble products such as the purest and smoothest silk, which add a unique touch to the pieces.

Dyeing is completely handmade, with natural pigments such as yerba mate, annatto, onion skin, coffee powder, eucalyptus and blackberry leaves, which ensure a singular tone the pieces and make it an unparalleled product. 

To make the production of such quality pieces possible, Vanessa Montoro doesn’t work with mass-production nor uses any industrial method. Each piece has its own particularity, charm and sophistication. They are luxurious pieces, yet versatile, timeless and do not follow any fashion trend.

Among the products created, there are blouses, coats, dresses, pelerines and whatever else might come to Vanessa Montoro’s mind, where the process begins. Once the template piece is developed and approved, very few units of the same model will be made, and still with color and some detail changes.

Vanessa Montoro pieces concept come from the marriage between knitting and crochet to manual spinning and dyeing with natural pigments show. She brought this kind of art from history roots, right into the middle of 21st century, among paraphernalia of industrialization and information technology. The process is raw and beautiful, qualities that make a difference and stand out at current environment.


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