Silvia Furmanovich

The work of the Collections designer Silvia Furmanovich is closely linked to her life story. Since childhood, the contact with Collections was constant in the designer's routine, when she observed her father Salvador Longobardi, a goldsmith, work in the atelier installed in the house they lived. Heritage from the past merges seamlessly with the present, manifesting in creations that reveal a sensitive balance between tradition and innovation.

Memories from travels and affective memoirs unfold into unique pieces, with precisely crafted finishings and precious effects. Ancestral techniques and contemporary inspirations mark the incessant search for exclusiveness, new ideas and innovative materials, resulting in a work where a distinctive sensibility achieves its peak.

Nature is a great source of inspiration; from it come the stones, which attain their maximum lustre through impeccable polishing. Gold is used in combination with ivory, coral, turquoise, woods and precious stones. 

In 1997, Silvia Furmanovich set up her personal atelier to create her own pieces. The research for novel materials is a trademark and signals the inventive spirit of the collections. Working with gold became her reference, with its' transmutable nature being a strong inspiring source. Even when a goldsmith produces her pieces, the designer still accompanies the entire process. Her most singular pieces are bracelets woven out of porcelain beads, adorned with gold and precious stones. This exceptional technique testifies to the exclusive quality of the designer's work. 

"I hope to communicate through each piece my feelings linked to my aspirations”. Each collection evokes a particular moment in the designer's life and there are no rules to define her work concept. Each piece is a fragment of a story, told in way that is magical and extraordinary.


Silvia Furmanovich