Gissa Bicalho

Aramez Accessories is now Gissa Bicalho. The brand you already know is now carrying the name and vision of its founder. We understood that it was time to return to our origin and to what really matters: the full transformation. Present in all details of the brand, Gissa Bicalho puts her charisma and worldview into the pieces that she constructs. The accessories carry with themselves exclusivity and authenticity came from the talent of transform and creative synergy. The proposal is awaken the confidence and beauty in whom use those pieces by creating an experience of joy and welfare. It’s like if only for a instant nothing external to that moment make sense. It’s the now full of infinite beauty.




Gissa Bicalho (+55 31) 2555-8563

GissaBicalhoAcessorios @gissabicalho

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Gissa Bicalho

2018 > Summer