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When you are a child there is always a world of discoveries ahead, a ludic side only a childlike eye can perceive. The colors and their nuances, shapes, textures, sounds, aromas, proportions, tastes and unusual materials sound more intense when first perceived. They are stimulus and reason to put all this together in a "dress" game. The child has grown, but she remains dissatisfied with the adult tendency to get accustomed to everything that is no longer new.

Thus, since 2004, brand Naisha Cardoso creates objects full of personality, as a response to the "black and white point of view" of the adult life routine. Cardoso feminine adornments rescue from the ordinary day-to-day life the feeling of excitement and surprise with the unknown, using the symbolic language of jewelry and accessories as visual lexicon.

It is in this return to the first sensations of wonder and enchantment in life, when the word time did not have the same meaning as today and there was an inner peace and disposition to appreciate something that catches attention, surprises and hypnotizes - as long as necessary – that the brand roots its concept. The collections are based on what is forgotten throughout history or lost in everyday life.

Inspiration comes from enchanting rhythms, surprising aromas, outstanding personalities, playfulness, architecture, fine arts, movies, cultural traditions and visual arts. The pieces are handcrafted in small scale by the designer, manufactured with unused materials ranging from noble metals to Murano (Venetian glass), from baroque pearls typical of ancient jewels to incredible and deep crystals colors, Brazilian stones, the delicate clozonet and porcelain.

With each piece Naisha Cardoso elevates the brand identity, proposing the use not of accessories, but of objects with personality, through collections that rescue and provide a distinguished new view point on themes that are enclosed in different areas, reconciling fashion, art and culture.



Naisha Cardoso

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