Born in Santos (a coastal city), in São Paulo state, MOHIT bets on the comfort of its form, valuing women's femininity. The name has two meanings that translate the brand essence: “happiness” in Hindu, and “ocean” in Arabic. There is nothing happier than being in touch with the sea, with nature and with its very soul.

The pieces have prints full of life and personality, all exclusive and hand-drawn by the brand’s founder and designer, Lorena Braun Prado, who always have in her mind the need to bring inspiring and authentic elements when renewing each collection. In addition, some of the items are made from biodegradable fabric and all of them work the healing energy field.

The brand followers are essentially young – and we’re not talking about age. MOHIT is targeted for those who feel good about themselves, their body, their spirit and their way of life. All of its collections have its themes chosen intuitively and are manufactured on biodegradable fabrics, with stamping process almost all done in sublimation.

About the designer

Lorena Braun Prado has always been focused on fine art and movement, whether it happens in music, sports or drawings. Gradually she turned her work to ceramic painting, oil and photography. In order to make her art more focused in fashion, she graduated in Fashion Design at FAAP (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado), where she developed, for her graduation project, a collection of fabric print patterns for fashion and decor.

During an exchange student program in Barcelona, Prado divided her time between fine art classes and EsDi School of Design. In the midst of her trips, she was in so many different places that added to her personal experience, like languages, aesthetics and cultures. All that contribute as inspiration to her creative work up to today.

New York also added to Prado’s knowledge. There, at different occasions, she took classes in fine arts and fashion at LIM College. Her resume includes internships as an assistant for SP Fashion Week, Second Floor / Ellus and New Creators art curator and publisher company.

From both Santos and São Paulo, Prado has done several jobs in design and decor, such as for ByKamy carpets and Blue Gardenia brands. It was in 2014 that she decided to open her own business. With the desire for freedom of creation MOHIT came to be, a beachwear brand that is dedicated to creation and experimentation. Prado draws all the prints of the brand by hand, develops the collections and closely monitors the entire production chain up until it is sold. Besides presenting different possibilities for her fine art work, Prado wants to expand to the market more and more, whether in a variety of products or even in new projects and creative works.



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