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Celia Fabris is the fine artist and entrepreneur behind Fabrès. Because she is in love with what she does, Fabris creates pieces that she herself would like to wear. Each piece is born from her drawings, handmade with care and passion. Fabris creations value real luxury and slowfashion, and focus on timeless design and sustainability. For her, manufacturing with excellence and lastingness, harnessing leathers that would be discarded by the food processing industry, is a way to encourage a more conscious ecosystem in the fashion industry.

Passion and restlessness are the engines behind this never-stop designer. Fabris, who was once a jewelry designer and nowadays is dedicated to the art of creating shoes and handbags. She believes that accessories are more than pieces of style: they are an extension of the wearer's personality.



Fabrès Design (+55 51) 98143-1610 http://www.fabresdesign.com.br/

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