Bléque, a shoe and accessory brand, arrives bringing with it a unique work with a strong ecofriendly appeal and an extremely high end-quality which utilizes sustainable techniques and raw materials of limited environmental impact. The brand launches it second collection, developed with exotic leather extracted from fishes, such as tilápia and pirarucu and details in suede and kid.

Bléque is born with the idea of bringing sustainability to fashion. The brand, born from the vision of the entrepreneur Renata Negrão, is part of a serious productive chain that follows strict environmental control, from licensed certified suppliers to a humanized labor process.

Bléque is a brand that is concerned with bringing sustainable practices into all elements of its operations. It believes that the behavior dopted by companies directly influences consumers’ decisions when buying a product. Therefore, the survival and longevity of a brand is directly related to the implementation, since its birth, of a culture of corporate responsibility.

Through transformative action that work to preserve the environment and inclusive attitudes, Bléque, together with the NGO Samaritan’s Feet, develops campaigns to improve children’s health in Brazil. For each product sold by Bléque, a part is returned as shoes for children that live in risk-contaminated areas in the country.

Bléque believes this is a way to bring hope to children and the basis for a more integral and healthy life. Meet Bléque, a conscientious brand of designer shoes and bags made with Brazilian leather.


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