JOHN JOHN is a lifestyle fashion brand founded in Brazil and has built its trademark by developing premium handmade jeans with unique laundry and know-how.

Currently, JOHN JOHN offers a full product range for women and men, has over 50 stores and is a hit among top global celebrities.

Over the last years, JOHN JOHN has developed iconic marketing campaigns and events with celebrities such as Adam Levine, ED Westwick, Zac Efron, Joshua Bowman, Cara Delevigne, Demi Lovato, Barbara Palvin, among others. 

JOHN JOHN has a global soul that fits for individuals who are edgy trendsetters and express their individuality by their style. 

The brand is the top of mind and the favorite one concerning jeanswear in Brazil ahead of international brands. 


JOHN JOHN (+55 11) 2149-5000

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