Vic House

Vic House is a RECENTLY launched Brazilian beachwear brand. Vic House creates beachwear pieces with poetry, using  references from the Mediterranean Sea and the memories from the beautiful beaches and tropical landscapes of Brazil.

After more than 10 years working in the fashion industry in Brazil and abroad, at companies like Hermes and high-end  brands in Brazil , the designer embarked on a new journey to follow her passion: lounge and beachwear. And then, in 2015, VIC House was created.

Vic House's portfolio includes reversible towels, kaftans,beach- and resort-wear dresses, kimonos and tunics —all with a youthful, relaxed, contemporary vibe. The printed pieces are the most outstanding - all well colored; showing the real Brazilian Style.

Our collection is 100% Made In Brazil, with a keen eye for local Brazilian products and trends while referencing international elements. Our brand supports trade faire commerce producing just the strictly necessarie for selling and on demand.


Vic House (+55 11) 98544-6616


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Vic House

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Vic House

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