Haight is a brand deeply rooted in authenticity. never conforming to traditional styles and ideas, haight aspires to pave a new path in swimwear. With styles that can be worn on and off the beach, the brand truly encompasses a beach lifestyle.

With a different approach to typical brazilian swimwear, haight introduces minimalism and sophistication through high quality lycras and fabrics. Now onto their fifth season, haight has a deep understanding of their women - strong, modern, sophisticated, and with a love for the sea.

With a beachwear proposal different from rio’s conventional brands, haight introduces minimalist and sophisticated styles, made with noble lycra or technological fabric.

The finishing are sophisticated and projected for a better fit, enriching the women natural beauty and ensuring comfort and mobility. All of our lycra line has uv50+ protection and high quality material.

The collections are always separated in 3 lines:

Classic styles

Due to their high demand and popularity, these styles are present in every collection. These classic styles are flattering on different body types and also incredibly versatile - as beach or streetwear. The fits have been carefully designed to adapt to the body, ensuring maximum comfort and mobility.

Concept pieces

Represent the conceptual part of the collection. Are styles with atypical shaping, in different or technological fabrics. They bring a sophisticated proposal, most often designed to wear at night. Modern or geometrical shapes, with different techniques of production and finishing.

Theme Pieces

Are the styles that talks about the collection's theme. “They tell the story of the collection”. Are a part of this mix new shaping proposal, colors, printed styles and new fabrics. The theme pieces talk both with the conceptual part and the classic line.


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