Tai Dai

Based on a concept that mix the unique and cool Brazilian style, Tai Dai’s bags are perfectly proportioned for on-the-go chic. With over 20 years on the market, the designer Vânia Oliveira creates pieces which give to any wardrobe a style of its own. Known as timeless, for the high-quality material used, each one of the parts is made to be versatile with a twist. Be prepared to be stopped in the street and asked where your bag is from. Well, it’s from Rio de Janeiro!

Our bags and accessories are created based on the Carioca Lifestyle! We bring the free and easy atmosphere from Rio de Janeiro to TAI DAI collections. Located in the heart of Ipanema beach our showroom is surrounded by splendid nature and sunlight, so it’s not difficult to get inspired! Manufactured in Brazil, all pieces are made of Raffia and handmade embroidered which make them so unique.


Tai Dai (+05 52) 12422-0683 http://www.taidai.com.br


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Tai Dai

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