Relaxed vibes, lightness and lots of fun are part of the lifestyle of people in love with the delicious tropical climate. Inspired by an endless summer, Raquel Pucca presents Raq-Sucrée, the brand that promises to leave sunny days even more intense and radiant.

To bring this feeling of happiness with lots of charm to all women, Raq-Sucrée has in its products inspirations that yield as principles for the creation of each product: preciousness, exuberance, Brazilianness and fun. Treated like jewels, each piece is carefully developed in every detail, all to deliver to the Raq-Sucrée woman a sophisticated, precious and indisputable quality product, celebrating the summer weather all year round.

The Braziliannessappears in the styling perfection that reflect the feminine needs, with a ton of charm. This kind of care offers beach women from all over the world a light and characteristic tropical lifestyle: “Made in the Brazilian Sunshine!” To complete these exuberant pieces, which translate all the magic of summer, a light and happy mood is always present.

Raquel Pucca is a young Italian-Brazilian designer. To set free her desire to create collections full of personality and soul, she has spent more than ten years studying and researching fashion, trends, creation, consumer behavior and different production techniques. In 2017, she started the Raq-Sucrée project, a brand that reflects all her joy and personality.



Raq-Sucrée (+55 11) 97144-8773 https://www.raqsucree.com/

raqsucree @raqsucree

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