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FLAVIA AMADEU Sustainable Design aims to promote positive social and environmental impact through jewellery, fashion and product design. Our projects support small producers and artisans whose economic activities are integrated with the use of sustainable natural resources.

The Amazon rainforest is the heart of our actions, where rubber trees grow wildly and give birth to a coloured rubber sheet called FSA (Folha Semi-Artefato). This material triggers a process of social innovation, which empowers local communities and helps to preserve the rainforest.

FLAVIAAMADEU proves that fashion can be fair and sustainable!

Flavia Amadeu is a Brazilian designer and social entrepreneur with experience in jewellery, fashion and product design. She holds a PhD in Design and Sustainability from the London College of Fashion, where she was part in the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

Since 2004 she has researched and designed with the coloured rubber FSA (Folha Semi-Artefato), which is produced locally by rubber tapping communities in the Amazon Rainforest, mainly in Acre and Pará States. She has worked in partnership with the Chemistry Laboratory LATEQ at the University of Brasília, WWF, SOS Amazônia, Sky Broadband UK, top model and activist Lily Cole, The Sustainable Angle and UN Women, among local cooperatives and government.

FLAVIA AMADEU innovates with her design, the use of the material and the socio-environmental impact. She works from teaching local communities the coloured rubber and handcrafts to designing. 

The Organic Jewellery is FLAVIAAMADEU’s main line of products. Qualities of the sustainable rubber from the Amazon rainforest, such as elasticity and resistance, are aesthetically valued. The Organic Jewellery has been exhibited and sold in several countries such as England, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, besides Brazil.


Flavia Amadeu (+55 61) 98347-7179 https://www.flaviaamadeu.com/

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