Roberta Mattos

Pieces of jewellery that combines one of the most antiques tools of goldsmith art with new technologies available at the jewellery sector. Transforming with excellence and precision our minimalistic contemporary design. Using noble materials, carefully chosen for each creation. Extending the personality of the creator/individual through the jewels design.

In each material, a story, a research. Le#ng us flow where our eyes stop and our hearts sparks. A label created and developed in São Paulo, wich searchs in the city different shapes of inspiraKon.

Roberta Mattos

Raised in São Paulo, the fashion designer found her true self exploring the world of gold and diamonds. After 10 years working into women`s fashion, she decided to bring fashion into the jewellery making.

The passion for jewellery comes from her family, from the seas and ancestral pirates. Designing a whole world of dreams without frontiers.


Roberta Mattos (+55 11) 94599-3443

robertamattosjewelry @robertamattosjewelry

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Roberta Mattos

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