Thus was born to Ryzí.

A name that takes off from other brands that have become empty. The conveniences of self are equal to quality, passion, and truth were only details. We are not just a new brand. We are another way of seeing people. We think the same thing remains. Why the purses and accessories that summarizes honest relationships, where the beauty and the truth  give hands to eachother. And together they make beautiful journeys.

Quality does not deserve to be a tired word. But something we feel with hands, eyes and heart. It needs to generate the happiness of a close relationship and full of beauty, which endures for real emotion. We are a brand that makes each one of them come out naturally. That says all that is worth: honesty, passion, beauty and trust.


Ryzí (+55 51) 3582-9267 www.ryzi.com.br

ryzibrand @Ryzibrand

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