Maria Frering

The Rio de Janeiro-based jewelry brand, Maria Frering, was created based on the slow fashion philosophy. Present in the brand’s creative director’s designs since the beginning of her career, sterling silver is the main metal used in the pieces. With its strong yet delicate presence, it is the metal which best mirrors the Carioca spirit.

But we can’t really talk about the Carioca spirit without mentioning colour, can we? Here is where Maria Frering brings its unique outlook: the brand’s jewelry combines colourful embroidery with a rainbow of Brazilian natural gems. The art of embroidery and the art of jewelry have walked hand-in-hand in many ancient cultures – each bringing its own meaning to personal adornment. So, when thread intertwines with metal, we are greeted with the fusion of years of tradition – and a completely new form of jewelry is born.

The brand’s unique embroidery on metal has its roots in the traditional cross stitch, but soon developed into an exclusive technique which adapts to the curves of a jewel’s surface and shapes itself accordingly. In the beginning the pieces were embroidered by the brand’s designer, Maria Frering, but with growing demand the brand reached out to COOPA-ROCA.

COOPA-ROCA is a social company that aims to enable women from underprivileged backgrounds to make a living working in special artisanal projects. Today, all of the embroidered pieces are carefully crafted by the talented hands of COOPA-ROCA artisans.

The result is a jewelry brand with a truly Brazilian DNA. In its esthetics, we see the country’s colours and gems - in its production, the technique of gifted Carioca artisans.


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