Conceived in 2015 by the hands of designer Kitty Saladini, Ki&Co creates fashion beachwear far beyond salt and sun. Brazilian, handcrafted and fluid, the pieces are handmade and follow the good living. Memories and life experiences are some of the sources of inspiration during the creation process of the designer who is focused on craft work and natural fibers. 

Its fashion creations reflect the lifestyle of a chic and unpretentious seaside resort, with comfortable, casual and uncomplicated pieces for women alike. The clothes have “bossa''– shirts, pants, dresses, beachwear and swimwear that gain sophistication in the manual process. All in limited quantities and precious finish. The primary and timeless colors counterpoint stripes that are already a reference, as well as fun prints and colors that gives twist fun to the colorful soul of the brand.


Ki&Co (+55 21) 2274-6823


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