AUGUSTA, eco-couture is a Paris-based sustainable couture-to-wear atelier combining French finest sewing methods with pioneering, ecological materials. Aiming the preservation of traditional textiles techniques and the promotion of fairtrade handcrafts, AUGUSTA works directly with each artisan and small family manufactories - in France, in Brazil and in Italy.

Every collection edition has a limited volume of pieces, each of them numbered. After 3 years working only made-to-measure and prototypes, AUGUSTA launched to the public in the Spring of 2019 in a more commercial format. For the opening collection, AUGUSTA used only sustainable materials of Brazilian origin. Among the innovative fibers used, we find the biodegradable polyamide (AmniSoulEco, a Brazilian technology), the manually rethread and recycled silk of the Paraná region in the country’s southern region, and the recycled polyester with Cupuaçu nut butter finishing.

The artisanal shoes of the first collection were created from Amazonian latex - a vegan and compostable material - with hand-sculpted natural wood heels of certified origin. In April 2019, during the celebrations of the Fashion Revolution Week, AUGUSTA officially launched in Paris with an exclusive partnership wi t h the vegan and sustainabl e shop Manifeste011. Since then, the collections are also selling at the concept-store Kari Kari in Zurich (Switzerland) and, for the Summer season, at The Pink Closet shop in the historic hotel Palazzo Avino in the Amalfi coast (Italy).

AUGUSTA is currently exposing the collection Spring of couture-to-wear inspired in the Baroque and the Great Discoveries called “The Foreigner’s Point of View”. For the 2019 Summer/Fall collection, the atelier used botanical pigmented textiles from Brazilian flora and 100% recycled cotton. In September, a fully sustainable knit collection Made in France will be presented.

Keeping its tradition of craftsmanship and sustainability, AUGUSTA is now associated with 2 almost centenary Italian artisanal shoemaking factories in Tuscany adding to its collection shoes realised with corn residue and recycled rubber from old tires. 



Carolina-Augusta Neumann is a German-Brazilian fashion designer based in Paris. Having first graduated in Film with a Costume and Scenography in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Carolina-Augusta moved to Paris in 2013 aiming to perfect her sewing skills in the École de la Chambre Syndicale where she started her first tests with sustainable fibers and upcycling.


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