Galpão 51

We believe in the crafted; in what besides being handmade, is done with love and dedication. The idea of Galpão 51 came from a real shed, located in Rio de Janeiro, where fashion industry’s techniques were developed and improved for many years.

Our brand arosed naturally, from the experimentation of dyeing bikinis, which soon became popular among cariocas. Since then we work on our own products with freedom and creativity. Our differential is the use of manual techniques, such as tie-dye.

We decided to unite our know-how and technical expertise to a light, loose and sunny identity. Each piece is crafted to make your wardrobe unique.

Crucial part of our story, we are always concerned about stimulating local production; seeking to encourage and empower people from nearby communities.



Galpão 51 (+55 21) 3860-6562


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