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For mother and daughter, Karina and Ana Karolina Ferrari, a piece of jewellery brings out the sensibility at the core of the female soul, forging a deep bond between the wearer and the power it wields.

Karina provided her keen eye and business savviness to draw up the brand's mission and values. The brand's designer, Ana Karolina Ferrari has a strong background in business management and fashion designer.

She scoured the five continents to learn jewellery techniques and soaked up different cultural insights to envision the exclusive and timeless design of ANK's pieces.

If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe think interms ofenergy, frequency and vibration.” Tesla

The precious metals and gem stones have the DNA of theearth, each goes through a unique process in its formation, which determines its vibrational frequency, cap able of influencing the surrounding energy fields. I am honored to work with these healing energies and use my soul to contribute to the greater feminine. (Ana Ferrari - founder & designer)


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