The principal charactereistic of the brand LIS FIASCHI is to, create, singular products, and producing each one of the manually, step by step using enviroment friendly, high quality materials, hand chosen by the designer, Lis Fiaschi, creates original products, in contemporary style always focussed on contemporary tendencies, for those that seek unique products.

From the state of Minas Gerais, Lis did always show a great love for fation and exceptional manual habilities. An effort that enchantes since 2013 when the first colection of accessories was presented and soon after desenvolving its first prototype of purse in her Atelie.

As a result of a thorough research, each pieces is the result of artizanal work in Brazil, incentivating Brazilian Handcraft by local artizans. Caracterized by singular and timeless pieces and with a sustentable concept, its products have become a desire admist women of all ages. Due to their beauty, elegance and quality which are the land marks of the brand.


LIS FIASCHI (+55 83) 3247-7707