I Am... Just For Little

The I AM brand was born from the dream of three mothers and businesswomen who believe that children’s fashion deserves more than what we are accustomed to. By "more" we mean; more life, color, inclination, comfort and of course, love. This union of women helped build the brand in which each of them contributes with their special look - thinking first as mothers before entrepreneurs. 

Filled with unique and fun prints, the I AM products are designed to stimulate children’s creativity and allow them the freedom of movement to do whatever they feel because we have the conviction that the imagination and attitude of a child has no limits and can be reflected in their day to day lives. 

The I AM brand believes that to define is to limit and so this creates a fashion sense without restrictions or labels. One of the foundations is to bring at each season, a collection of gender-free pieces - free as every human being should be, in fact, as every child already is.





I Am... Just For Little (+55 11) 98753-0678 www.iamjustforlittle.com.br


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I Am... Just For Little