Laura Cangussu

Born and raised in Dracena, a city in the countryside of São Paulo, Laura have always had a curious eye towards beauty. Since a very young age, she could refine her eye at fittings at Aurora’s atelier, her dressmaker. and Laura's mother have always cultivated the classic way of making clothes, the handmade sewing with finesse in finishing.

Laura grew up surrounded by fashionable images, stylish clothes and sunny summer scenarios, both in Dracena and on trips to her family homeland, Italy.

She studied law and devoted herself to work with environmental law. After working in this area for a few years, decided to work in fashion industry. She went to Milan to study and on her comeback to Brazil she was invited to be part of Harper's Bazaar magazine team, which had just released its Brazilian edition.

When she already held the stylist role in the magazine, Laura decided to slow down, reprogram her lifestyle, allowing to look at herself completely differently, in a reinvented way. A new look at life, a new look at fashion. More calm and conscious.

In this seam of memories and rescue of connections, the first brand's collection arises: Dracena.


Laura Cangussu is a contemporary lifestyle brand that integrates handcraft, traditional techniques and modern design. The brand consciously uses the best raw materials and is committed to creating products in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Values Brazilian handmade products.


Exclusive and handcrafted products with history and meaning.

Laura Cangussu is inspired by nature, its shapes and textures, the colors, scents and flavors of summer, the sensations caused by sunlight, contact with water and earth... The holiday mood, the search for solar refuges and the freedom to just be constantly permeate Laura's creative imagination.

The agreement of the brand with the planet, the employees and customers is to try to live together in a more harmonious and conscious way, giving and receiving, valuing and preserving resources, and caring with respect for each other.

The result will be a more intimate and intuitive relationship, calmer and slower.


Laura Cangussu (+55 11) 3284-0653

lauracangussubrand @lauracangussubrand

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