Osklen finds itself between the dynamism of the metropolis and the exuberance of Brazilian nature, giving life to a style based on the harmonization of contrasts. The brand represents the lifestyle of contemporary women and men in a world where urban and nature, global and local, organic and technological live together.
It is precisely this perception of the integrated nature, culture and society, with refined aesthetics, that makes Osklen be considered one of the ten most influential and inspiring brands in the world by WGSN and identified as "Future Maker" by the WWF-UK. Its casual-chic style is found in stores and franchises in Brazil, Europe, the United States, and Japan, all offering not only clothes, but an authentic and genuine Brazilian lifestyle both contemporary and cosmopolitan at the same time.
The brand was first recognized for its international quality and new concepts in sports, action, and adventure added to urban styles. Soon Osklen would naturally follow a path in the search for innovative design and Osklen Collection was conceived, with conceptual items made in its style workshop with sophisticated materials, special finishes, and exclusivity. Since 2003, Osklen has presented its collections at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in Latin America.
Osklen’s style is expressed in the crossover of the different elements that are part of the daily life of its Creative Director, Oskar Metsavaht. In the stores, snowboards lay next to golf clubs and art books next to objects brought back from his expeditions. Fashion, art, culture, design, and the environment are all a part of Osklen´s inspiration, and make it not only a brand, but a vehicle of communication for a lifestyle.
Nowadays, Osklen has 53 stores in Brazil, 4 in Portugal, 2 in Milan and New York, one in Tokyo, one in Rome, besides its showrooms in New  York, Los Angeles, Athens, Milan, and exporting to Japan, Chile and  Middle East.


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