Missinclof is a unique brand that, with lots of style, manages to transform classic tailoring into modern pieces. Its strength is seen on differentiated modeling and impeccable finishing. All bottoms used are gold-plated! The 2012 winter collection inspiration brings reference from the punk rock movement from the 70s, but in a romantic and soft way. Cuttings, details in leather or velvet, mixing of fabrics, needlework and notable accessories give life to a delicate collection, full of personality! The winter collection is now available on Missinclof’s stores at Cidade Jardim and Higienópolis Malls!

Tathiana Ventri was born in Sao Paulo and has an agitated life. On her passport, she collects trips from all over the world, but her favorite place is the beautiful island of Fernando de Noronha. Her natural talent was shaped when she studied visual arts at Panamericana School of Arts.

Silvia Freitas is truly a cosmopolitan girl. Her global fashion understanding comes from all trips she made in Europe while living in Switzerland. Back to Brazil, her interests were translated into knowledge when she attended Santa Marcelina Fashion School.
Tathi and Sil became close when both studied marketing at FAAP University. And as nothing comes from nothing, their fashion affinity and extreme talent demonstrated the need to create outfits able to interpret their high desire standards, nowhere seen in the clothing market.

From school to the shop window passed 3 years. Averse of given tendencies, Tathiana and Silvia invested on an exclusive stile: what could not be found on other stores became reality by the talented hands of the partners. Visits to fashion addresses worldwide resulted in a pointed view and in a better understanding of the contemporary women’s needs. Creativity is a high point on every collection designed, and the partner’s good taste is an indispensable ingredient in the store’s rack.


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