Fernanda Calfat

Overall direction: Liana Thomaz
Stylist: Renato Thomaz
Show direction: Bill Macintyre
Beauty: Rodrigo Costa
Soundtrack: DJ Zé Pedro
Marketing direction: Renato Thomaz                        

Summer 2018

ÁGUA DE COCO by Liana Thomaz

The travel of Agua de Coco by Liana Thomaz through the world’s most desirable paradise Islands lands on one more season. The stunning Bali, in Indonesia, brings its influences to the beachwear of the brand.

The exuberant green from the island and its huge amount of flowers and the handicraft are inspiration for the shapes, stamps and the finishing  work. The literality was forgotten, reinventing Bali into the Brazilian form, with painting techniques made by hand and digital photography resulting in unique prints. 

Natural and noble fabrics are featured on the pieces that present macrames, shine, hand embroidery and metals, leaving a very wealthy result. Smooth colors come up bringing more delicacy over the stamp transitions during the show with sophisticated mousseline silk matching the shiny lycra. Sarong modeling are shown, as well as moorings. Pieces remembering tailor shops are part of the masculine outfit, following the stamps. AGUA DE COCO man has a more relevant part in this collection, presenting more looks and outfits on the runway.

The translation of the brand trip through the Southeast Asia is presented on the following family of stamps: 


Rice paddies are part of the Balinese landscape and its atmosphere is translated into an oil painting stamp, which presents details in braided leather, remembering the straw baskets used on the rice harvest.


The Balinese Art seen at the Ubud Museum appears on the viscose crepe pieces, with located stamp and details in shiny elastics on the waistbands, fists and necklines finishings.


This stamp family presents pleated pieces and finishings in raw rope with lurex string – chiffon was the most used fabric.


The famous neighborhood of Bali with its iconic umbrellas appear on the stamp with the translation of the golden and purple sunset seen there. Made originally from a colorful painting, the pieces present little shower metal beads as details and they are made of viscose crepe and lycra.


Part of the Bali scenario, they are inserted in silk and lycra on this family, with patch appliqués over tulle pieces. Its colors contrasts with the silver fabric. The finishings are made of glassware, elastics, tulle and neoprene patchs.

Golden temples inspire the catwalk beauty – golden, bronze and nude pigments give lacquered effect on the lips and the skin is naturally solar and illuminated, golden in the eye area. The hair has wet look, hair back brushed.

On yellow bamboo scenario, AGUA DE COCO by Liana Thomaz shows its sophisticated tropical lifestyle, presenting high heel shoes and flats by Paula Torres, made exclusively for the fashion show in brandy, whisky and moss green tones. The accessories were created from its local culture, inspired on straws and flowers. The earrings and bracelets were made up with metal flowers brought originally from Bali, often used in ceremonies. Braided leather belts were inspired over the local handicrafts. 



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