Lu Prezia

Creative Director: Liana Thomaz
Stylist: Renato Thomaz
Beauty: Rodrigo Costa
Soundtrack: DJ Zé Pedro
Marketing Director: Renato Thomaz
Fashion Show Director: Bill Macintyre

2019 > Summer

ÁGUA DE COCO by Liana Thomaz

Always connected to experiences around the world, ÁGUA DE COCO por Liana Thomaz brings the wanderlust spirit out and presents a collection that, not only travels around many destinations, but also celebrates the 90th. Anniversary from the luxury LEADING HOTELS OF THE WORLD. Royal Mansur Marrakesh – Marrocos, Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo – Monaco, Chromata Santorini – Grecia, Tivoli Mofarrej – Sao Paulo, Hotel Santa Caterina – Italia and Emiliano Hotel – Rio de Janeiro, inspired the creations by the fresh and sophisticated brand.

Always trying to achieve new client profiles, the timelessness is seen in different shapes, including sportist models, overlaying, fringes and ruffles. The color pallet presents itself on a smoother way, starting from neutral tones of blue, pink and green, brushed by turquoise and earthy.

The prints tell us the stories of the hotels through the world, described on the families below: 

-       ROYAL MANSOUR: The atmosphere of antiquity in Marrakesh and its buildings grandiosity appear on the pieces, full of date-palm graphics and paintings that mix the sky and the colors of the city. The shapes are fluid, including fringes and ruffles, as well as laser applications, representing the characteristic mosaics.

-       METROPOLE: Monaco brings the vibrant atmosphere of Formula 1’s Gran Prix on this print, since the trace goes through the hotel. The sport trend is strong on this family, full of utility pieces, coming from jumpsuits to jackets and bodies. Elastic applications and thermocouple patches bring the esthetics from the races.

-       CHROMATA: The crystalline sea of Santorini is inspiration for the pieces on blue tones, white constructions, presenting photography techniques for the digital print. The pure linen stands out and the ruffles and cutouts bring irregular lines and curves of the place.

-       TIVOLI: Bringing a strong architecture and sophistication from the latticed frontage, Tivoli Mofarrej is shown on old golden detailed prints. The major details come on fringes and golden tassels.

-       SANTA CATERINA: Based on the Amalfi Coast beauty, the art nouveau from the arabesques and typical porcelain is very strong on the pieces. The print follows the beautiful blue tone of the ocean among the yellow touch from the Sicilian lemon patches and green and turquoise striped chochet trim.

-       EMILIANO: One of the icons in Rio de Janeiro, the hotel is located on Copacabana edge, and has on its shapes and architecture the inspiration for the pleated pieces and details similar to “cobogos”, characteristic of the hotel, all shown within the pieces and embroidered tule on bikinis, sarungs and cover-ups. 

Divided in three different moments, the beauty of the show starts with a low lacquered tied back hair, lightly tanned skin, copper and golden eyes, nude lips, all very sophisticated. Sportist style women and high ponytails bring the illuminated and slightly flushed skin a lot of attitude, also seen on eyes with eyeliner, either black or moss-green, changing the movement and finishing with peach lipstick. And last, but not least, a modern, tropical and urban look, presenting flat iron hair and oil application to conclude, sun-kissed skin, white eyeliner and peach on the lips. 

Hotel Collection from AGUA DE COCO por Liana Thomaz was presented in the lobby of Tivoli Mofarrej, in Sao Paulo, bringing the routine from the place, the energy from the guests and iconic characters such as the mailman, the maid and the housekeeper interacting with the models. Within the accessories from the brand, there are bracelets, manually modeled pearly resin or soldered brass earrings, presenting vintage, onix and rose gold-plated, each one following its family line. Leather bags present tresse, mixing leather and straw. Vicenza shoes bring the most sophisticated atmosphere from the beach, in different models, similar on metal trims, from flats to high hills.


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