Summer 2019

ÁGUA DE COCO por Liana Thomaz

In two acts, the brand reverences all the colors and the big Disney icon, Mickey Mouse, celebrating the 90th anniversary of his first appearance.


A profusion of shades inspired ÁGUA DE COCO por Liana Thomaz, translated to the beach lifestyle, optical phenomenon and the chromatic circle variations, resulting on a collection that promises to cause unique sensations, in a very funny, young and contemporary mood.

Pink, orange, green and lavender blue pastel shades act on a celebration of the colors that live within us. Through diversity, ÁGUA DE COCO por Liana Thomaz brings the beauty in all its color nuances and shapes. Among the fabrics there are cotton voil, viscose crepe, linen, chiffon and organza. Next, the families from CORES collection: 

Translúcido: The optical phenomenon appeard initially with smooth outfits and prefers the light and transparent organza with grosgrain ribbons, bringing sophistication and femininity to the pieces. The blocks of colors superimpose gently, building graphic prints, concluded with the repetition of ÁGUA DE COCO logo on the prints. 

Impressionismo: Inspired on the namesake artistic movement, this family shows the spots of paints perceived by the eyes, bringing shapes on the drawings and different effects as we approach or get distant from the image. With silver crystal applications, sometimes filling every surface, sometimes transforming into a tropical leaf, the result connects with the stripes brushstrokes composition in bikins and panneaux. Chiffon with silver lurex is one of the raw materials.

Ilha: The prints portray coconut trees from an island, each finishing on the pieces is distinguished, presenting LYCRA® detailed clasps. Made of Jersey and silk satin, this family presents specific located prints with big white holes, perfect to match with smooth combinations. On the male pieces, linen with a white background brings a more cool aspect.

Neon:  More structured knitwear, in jacquard, appears with sutil stripes on textures, introducing caramel matching with the white color and also cut out neon tones, composed with big covered buttons. The neon is very sutil initially, but in the end it becomes the main character.  The highlight goes for the live tones on the shirts, matching with super low panties. 

Among the show accessories, there are the shoes, made in partnership with Vicenza, presenting color variations of the card in two models, geometric and flat. Both in leather, bringing 3D resin details as the differential. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings were made with resin and metal balls, having the colors aligned with the collection, keeping an unique language. The beauty of the show, signed by Daniel Hernandez, shows moisturized and lighted skin/mouth, tanned cheeks and eyes with depth. The hair is clean, split in the middle – and also on the side. The major point is the eyebrow, inspired on Brooke Shields. 

ACT 2 | Mickey 90

Celebrating Mickey’s 90th. birthday, ÁGUA DE COCO por Liana Thomaz gets involved on the magic of the big star and translates it on the Mickey 90 collection, bringing the sophisticated beachwear to the Disney universe. Smooth pieces on funny and unusual modeling, take us to the character, on minimum details, like the eyelets referring to the buttons on Mickey’s outfit, not to mention the appliqués and bouffant sleeves on the shape of round ears, all in the black, yellow, white and red colors.

The shapes are glamorous and bring volume to the pieces. Black tulle creations come up with an embroidered Mickey version, with lines whose depth presents a 3D effect to the pieces. The prints have the colors from the character and mix patterns, such as irregular grid in a repeated and figurative way and a polka-dot character silhouette.

In 1928, during a trip by train from New York to Los Angeles, Walt Disney scribbled the first features from the character that, since then, has certainly become the most famous of the world. Mickey’s birthday is celebrated on the day of his first cinema movie première, STEAMBOAT WILLIE, on November 18th., 1928, at the Colony Theatre, in the city of New York.

As part of the oficial celebration, ÁGUA DE COCO por Liana Thomaz brings Mickey to rock on the runway with his eternal stylish girlfried, Minnie Mouse, completing the magical atmosphere from Walt Disney’s imagination.

CORES and Mickey 90 collection land on the stores and also on the e-commerce on next day from the show, inviting all to share the emotions seen on the runway.


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