Luciana Prezia

Creative Director: Liana Thomaz
Stylist: Renato Thomaz
Beauty: Rodrigo Costa
Soundtrack: Dj Zé Pedro e Anitta
Marketing Director: Renato Thomaz
Show Director: Bill Macintyre

Winter 2018

ÁGUA DE COCO por Liana Thomaz

The Brazilian mix with over 500 years, created an original identity, recognized around the world as the Brazilian style. This specific vision served as inspiration to ÁGUA DE COCO por Liana Thomaz, in Brasil com Z collection presented in São Paulo Fashion Week bringing colors, shapes, sensuality and tropicality noticed beyond tupiniquens frontiers. Rio de Janeiro, city that promotes iconic images from the country, appears  on prints with elements from Guanabara’s Bay, Parque Laje coconut grove and Botanical Garden palm trees.

Setting up to a new moment, the brand is improving in new borders. It`s easy to see the timelessness of the collection that comes complete, showing more than just beachwear- showing an unique lifestyle that goes on from the beach to the city, from winter to summer, north and south. Showing brilliance and ultra-feminine modeling, the collection invests on tailoring, ruffles and vintage references available for shopping immediately after the show on the "see now, buy now" style. Coming up next: 

Rio Vintage: honoring the mood from Rio and its natural beauties in big ruffle shapes, the unpretentious chic print, brings black and white tons and also tons from the Brazilian flag. Using crystal applications, the print can be wore on party events with a fluid and feminine silhouette, showing an ultramodern visual. 

Alta Noite: Made with jacquard fabric dubbed with lycra poins, embroidered on silver lurex yarns. Oversized overlaps, waists and high arches, hot pants and tight pants appear on this amazing print. 

Costela de Adão: LYCRA® creation and tulle, bring a non-obvious transparency, revealing the body in an asymmetric hide and seek. Foliage patches, beaded with glass beads are handmade, simulating plant texture. 

Baiana: Strong femininity even on the details, valuing the shoulders with ruffles in different layer hights, on blush, black and moss green.

Jasmin: Using florals, the print reminds Carnival, the biggest national party. On rosè, yellow and red, the tons stand out with embroidery on glass fringes over the prints, showing the movements. 

Disney Samba: The bohemian spirit from Brazilian samba is personified on Zé Carioca, from Walt Disney ®, appearing beside Arcos da Lapa in a colorful print. Adjustable pieces through ribbons, the details stand out once again in a new proposal by the brand. 

Settled on an organic made scenario, with Costela de Adão Foliage and colorful palm tree by the artist Fabio Martinusso, ÁGUA DE COCO por Liana Thomaz shows the actual and modern exportation Brazil, also represented by Anitta, who sings live for the first time in a fashion show, followed by Dj Ze Pedro, the real Brazilian popular music.


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