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We are living a time to look inside and return to our origins. Values focus on what is essential. The Summer 2021 collection, more than ever, is the result of the strong intuition that guides Andrea Bogosian's choices.

The collection carries the casual DNA of the brand, without leaving irreverence aside, just because each piece has the personal look of the label's creative director.

The collection's casualness remains. The pieces of fleece, tricolines, knitwear, tricots and jeans are redesigned with meticulous manual details and new shapes.

In the opposite direction, opulence is preserved in the rich details of the clothes with handmade embroidery and in structured tailors and leather pieces.

Femininity is present, in addition to the delicate pearlescent and metallic tones that make up the color chart, in the French lace that mix with countless other raw materials and in the new laser cut designs on the leathers.

The strength of the collection is reflected in the feelings printed on the traditional t-shirts: COURAGE and RESILIENCE.



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