Weber Pádua

Photographer | Weber Pádua
Art Direction | Lu Nacif
Model | Eve Morais
Styling | Aline Meni
Beauty | Bruno Cardoso

Winter 2018

Arte Sacra

Music and sonority set the tone for the Arte Sacra Winter 2018 collection. The brand was inspired by the way we consume musical styles to bring Soundly to life, the title of their newest collection. The proposal was designed for a sophisticated multi-spirit woman who seeks for new experiences and brings with itself traits of femininity and delicacy.

Handmade flowers, bows and feathers were thought for a #softmind moment, which sends you back to the softness. The season features fluid shapes, sweet and romantic, with abstract stamping of natural elements. The lightness of fabrics, such as crepes, tulles and Turkish lace, suggests a new glamour, giving subtleness to the compositions. The palette is calm, with the nude skin tones, faint pink, autumn and blue sky. In addition to the sensory stimuli awakened by the beautiful images of the campaign and the dazzling looks, the label also created the #softmind playlist on an exclusive Spotify channel, adding even more sensory experience to the collection.

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