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Camila Vieira > Connections

The new collection co-created with the influencer Paula Feijó, brings reflections on connections we have in our day-to-day lives and which often go unnoticed. Divided into three moments: Connection, Amulet, and Reframe.

Connection: Shapes and lines with the texture of Italian acetate bring a contemporary and sophisticated visual message.

Amulet: Nature is the protagonist of our jewels which can be used as symbols of strength and extend our own boundaries. I understand that the energy of each natural stone brings us a meaningful connection with earth. Our jewels bring balance and purification through the Brazilian gems.

Reframe: Natural pearls aligned with organic design deliver a message of beauty and simplicity in a unique shape. "The oyster, to make a pearl, must have a grain of sand inside its shell, what causes  it suffer." We believe that this phenomenon of nature brings us reflections and teachings for this difficult moment that we all are living. Inspired by the suffering of the pearls allow yourself to reframe your world.


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