Fernanda Calfat

Creative director: Alberto Hiar
Style: David Pollak and staff
Styling: David Pollak
Beauty: Robert Estevão
Show direction: Wan Vieira
Soundtrack (live): 20 Yawanawá natives – The voices of the Forest
Special Thanks: João Bôsco Nunes – Maanaim Turismo
Support: Gol Linhas Aéreas

2017 > Summer


At the banks of the Gregório River, in the heart of the Amazon Forest, in the state Acre, the small vessel pulls up to the shore after an eight-hour trip. Alberto Hiar then puts his feet on solid ground and is welcomed with open arms by the Yawanawá ethnicity Mutum tribe, comprised of 100 or so natives. The edge of the forest that echoed through the treetops, now so close, can be felt in the heart.

The disconnect is completed in the Vekushi Ritual. Amid traditional native songs and dances, sepa - a resin that is hard-to-come-by in the forest - is burned to promote spiritual purification, welcome visitors, and to evoke the protection of the spirits of the forest. The perfume of the red-hot sepa blends in with all the air you breathe.

Cavalera's creative director had been seeking a way to bring something so intrinsic to the Brazilian culture to the São Paulo brand's world for a long time. Hiar wanted this so much that he opted to unveil and experience the mysteries of the Amazon rainforest and of the Yawanawá culture in situ and, through purification rituals, get rid of any negative energy in order to, from then, direct the collection to be presented.

Thus began the "Kenes" collection, whose name comes from typical drawings of spiritual significance attached to the Yawanawá cosmological universe. The characteristic Kenes served as inspiration for unique prints, cuts, and modeling. One of the most important drawings brings the representation of the spearhead which comes in prints and deep cuts in its angular shape.

The great strength of the Yawanawá woman, led by Chief Mariazinha, is portrayed in the collection in expressive, striking details, balanced with the female delicacy and lightness. The color is very present, in an almost unprecedented manner for a brand that has its origins deep in the universe of rock'n'roll. Dresses and mini or long skirts, single-fronts and plunging necklines ensure an image that is sensual, with a more visible body. The counterpoint is in the shoes, with heavy soles, buckles and a Gothic air.

On the men's side, Hiar explores the image of a more utility, rather rustic, and unpretentiously elegant safari. Neutral tones, such as khaki, white, and black reign in parkas, shorts, windbreaker jackets, and slim cut trousers. The tailoring, with coats with one, two or four buttons, continues deconstructed without much of a formal air and gains its forms mainly in twill.

Mostly imported from France, India and Turkey, with delicate Indian embroidery crafts. Jeans, silk tulle, muslin, silk satin, Egyptian cotton, chambray, and denim patchwork.

Color pallet
Yellow, turquoise, flamingo, red, white, black and khaki.

Spearhead, butterflies, boa constrictors, swallows, jaguars and net webs.



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