2017 > Winter

Cecilia Prado

Cecilia Prado, a designer from a town in Brazil called Minas, is renowned worldwide for her excellence in tricot pieces. For Winter 2017, her new styles were inspired from her travels throughout the wineries of Italy, France and Argentina.

This season, exploring all the possible designs with tricot, the brand infuses elegance and sensuality to bring out the woman’s silhouette.

The new collection hits stores in February with asymmetrical cut styles that create a modern look, while maintaining the core trademark of the brand in the use of tricot or weft of tweed.

Classically cut dresses and skirts combine effortlessly with tweed coats to create sophisticated and elegant looks this season.

The bomber jackets, highlights of last season return in warmer colours for the winter with a touch of femininity.

The midi skirt this season is designed for the woman who values pieces with a charming touch and sensuality.

For fans of the more romantic looks, the frills trend is also present in this season.

Another highlight is the Black line, a line focused on party long dresses that mixes classic and sophisticated look with sexy touches in the form of side slits and body hugging designs.

The wineries’ inspiration is reflected in the colour palette with dark tones like black and burgundy replicating the red wines and darker grapes and the off-white and rose tones referencing the soft rose wines.

The pieces of the collection always bring out the sophistication and delicacy of the drink. However, the metallic colour, blue and burgundy add a modern touch to the looks.

The broaches this season come in insect shapes and are extremely delicate, colourful and full of intricate details. The accessories enhance the clothing while staying coherent with the theme, borrowing the names of the wineries visited by the designer on her trips.


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