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Fernando Jorge

Inspired by the desire to portray the connection to nature within his work, Fernando Jorge presents his latest collection, “Surround.” The collection beautifully juxtaposes natural materials, such as the humble tagua nut of his native Brazil, with brilliant cut diamonds that share a familiarity and continuity with his award-winning Brilliant collection.

“Working closely with diamonds over the past year had me thinking about their natural beginnings and connections to the planet. I thought about my own surroundings in the world and my deep connection to the Earth. I wanted to bring this meditation into my work - something grounded, warm, and nature-inspired, but in my own aesthetic.”

Through Surround, Jorge reimagines the brilliant cut diamond yet again by returning to his roots and encapsulating the precious jewels within custom-cut materials such as tagua nut, nephrite jade, pink opal, mother of pearl and petrified wood - all materials that represent the Earth and grounding. Graduating silhouettes and movement remain key elements, continuing a natural evolution in his design aesthetic that was first seen in the Brilliant collection.

Jorge became familiar with tagua, more commonly known as jarina in Brazil, through his first personal jewelry project, back in 2002, in which he used Brazilian seeds combined with gold and diamonds. “The idea of having natural materials in my work has always been present. After Brilliant’, a collection so pure and ethereal, my instinctive response was to go back to my creative beginnings and bring back these natural and grounding elements.”

A personal favorite of Jorge’s are the Signal Earrings which feature brilliant cut diamonds surrounded by spheres of mother-of-pearl, tagua nut and petrified wood perfectly capturing his vision and bringing it to life. His mother of pearl and diamond Satellite earrings have already received notable acclaim after winning the Editor’s Choice Award at Couture.

The first release of Surround includes 13 designs ranging in price from $2k - $184k. The collection will be available at esteemed retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Matches Fashion and Le Bon Marche in Fall 2018.


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