2018 > Summer

Gissa Bicalho

Gissa Bicalho and image consultant Bia Perotti reunited to develop a small collection which transform the floral and the retro universes into statement accessories. Bia loves the vintage atmosphere and her personal style reflects it. Fan of retro style accessories her desire was create pieces which allude to other decades. “As it’s not easy find those kind of accessories on Brazil, I thought it was a great opportunity to offer that collection to people who identifies themselves with my taste for vintage”, explains Bia.

Gissa Bicalho which has as main characteristic the work with acrylic, developed items inspired on vintage’s esthetic with modern touches on a perfect balance. Up to date accessories made for women whom appreciate remarkable pieces. Two flowers were chosen: daisies and orchids. The collection includes bags, earrings, bracelets and a brooch which can be wear as a pendant.


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