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Imagine ink on paper, sketches warmed by hands, original creations made to be felt as well as worn. Shaped in Brazil, Lapima is a breath of fresh air amidst the urban chaos, its glasses a new window to the world. The face, enveloped in a play between light and shadow, gains new volume and contour. These are silent frames and shun the excessive. Like living sculptures uniting craft and technology, they have no need for embellishment. It’s not fashion. It’s not a passing fad. It’s a timeless design, where every curve shows complete mastery of the field.

Gisela and Gustavo Assis began the brand's experimental pursuits two years ago, with their first Italian acetate creations. The founders' eyes for beauty and skilful hands work together to transform the improbable, elevating it to the level of a design piece. All in the small Lapima atelier in the São Paulo countryside, where the pieces are build from start to finish. 

From this well of authenticity comes the ox horn frames presented in Paris during  fashion week. An improbable, difficult material that demanded three years to be tamed. And to fully appreciate it, one must lean in and investigate its fine, overlapped layers: each horn, as each ox, is the only of its kind. There are different imprints and nuances to be seen, a uniqueness that also lends itself to the final product. Celebrating the very essence of exclusivity, every piece is different.

Baptized as Olga, the new model by the Brazilian brand rises up from the fragrance and colors of springtime flowers. Presented in washed tones of blue and vanilla, its frames are as sweet as the season's breeze, in harmony with the freshness of resort collections. Its rounded front finds contrast with the acetate's modern look, a meeting of new and vintage that also brings up the frontier between the handmade and the technologic – the essence of the label.


It’s no wonder that Lapima's creations first left the atelier to be showcased in a pop up store inside São Paulo's Museum of Modern Art during the city’s art biennial. These are items to be coveted and collected, with avid followers from the art world – people who look objects up close, hoping to see something new, proud to find the unprecedented before their eyes.  


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